The FlipSoc

Your practical donning aid for wetsuits

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Want to get into your wetsuit easier and faster? The FlipSoc is the ideal solution for surfers, swimmers and divers. With the FlipSoc you can fit your wetsuit perfectly and put it on and off effortlessly! Your practical donning aid for wetsuits

Buy the FlipSoc now and benefit from its advantages!

Surfer_Pic by Haiden Hunt on unspleash
Surfer_Pic by Haiden Hunt on unspleash

You are a surfer?

Enjoy more flexibility and speed when putting on your neoprene thanks to the FlipSoc, so you can spend more time on the waves.

Whether on the water or in between a drink on the beach – the FlipSoc is optimal for you, because you can now put on your half or fully removed wetsuit always quickly.

You are a swimmer?

Use the FlipSoc to slip into your wetsuit quickly and easily, even in cooler temperatures, for a relaxed swim.

On long swimming hikes or in extensive training sessions, you can always get half or all out of the wetsuit for a break or your needs – to then get back into the wet wetsuit completely relaxed and swim on and on and on…

Swimmers in wetsuits in the river
Diver underwater in wetsuit

You are a diver?

The FlipSoc allows you to slide into your dive neo with ease and relax as you prepare for your dive adventure.

The thicker the neo, the heavier. The FlipSoc lets you slide into your dive neo much more easily, and prepare for the dive in a relaxed manner. You also get through the cuffs of your drysuit easier and preserve the cuffs in favor of longevity.

The advantages of the FlipSoc at a glance:

Quick and elegant donning of your wetsuit for competitions or outdoor activities.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use thanks to robust tent fabric.

Lightweight and compact, easy to store.

Note: The FlipSoc ideally works with open-cell or -porous and laminated wetsuits, but not with wetsuits made of smooth-skin neoprene.

Order the FlipSoc now and experience the practical donning aid for your wetsuit!

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