Apnea diving training in the club

Apnea training and the FlipSoc

Yesterday, like almost every Saturday, I went to our club for diving training – this time I was with me: a wetsuit, my monofin and – of course – the FlipSoc . Because we had apnea diving training with our diving trainer Arthur.

Easy in the Neo

With the FlipSoc, I slipped into my Neo super easily and was able to maintain the calm necessary for freediving. In the past, putting on my wetsuit “always” pushed me up so much that I first needed a few lanes to get down again. Now, thanks to the FlipSoc, I can start apnea training almost immediately, which was very important to me, because this was my first training session with Neo and monofin.

Make distance with the monofin

Anyone of you who has ever been swimming or diving with a monofin knows about the change that goes with the fin. So far I’ve mainly used the monofin for finswimming, since yesterday my freediving training with the monofin has started. And because the training had just started so easily, I set my personal best right away: 75 meters dynamic, i.e. dived 75 meters in one go. And as a treat on top, also with the monofin!

Motivated for more

The training yesterday speaks for itself! Up until now I had only taken a wetsuit with me to training on an irregular basis, but now I know that with the neoprene suit and FlipSoc I am very well prepared for successful apnea training. Together with the monofin when diving, I’m getting a little closer to the goals I’ve set for myself.


Our FlipSoc inspires me again and again. I don’t know about you, but getting dressed in neoprene always annoyed me. Especially when I was freediving. The donning process has always been difficult and “relaxing”, with the FlipSoc I can now easily slide into my wetsuit and then easily into the water! New.Water.Fun.

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