The ultimate wetsuit for an unforgettable kitesurfing experience

When it comes to exciting water sports like kitesurfing, the right equipment is crucial. One key piece you should definitely consider is the wetsuit. A good wetsuit not only provides protection from the elements, but also optimizes your performance on the water. In this article you will learn everything about the advantages of a high-qualityRead more ⟶

Video shoot for our FlipSoc explainer video

This week the time had come: the video shoot for our FlipSoc explanatory video took place. Weather and location perfect It was a beautiful and sunny February day and we chose the nearby Kronthaler Weiher as the location. So quickly packed the FlipSoc , the wetsuit and the video equipment and off we went. ThatRead more ⟶

Valentine’s Day gift for outdoor swimmers / divers / surfers

The countdown is on, 7 days left until Valentine’s Day! And are you still looking for a special Valentine’s Day gift for outdoor swimmers / divers / surfers? Because your heart person not only loves you but also sports in the water. We at FlipThings have a tip for you. Our FlipSoc , an innovativeRead more ⟶

Extreme diver Achim Schloeffel

We recently found the interview with the extreme diver Achim Schloeffel in the NDR Mediathek. Achim Schloeffel is the only person to date who has dived through the English Channel, and that alone! In 2012 he completed the route from Dymchurch in England to Audresselles in France and was swept away by the current aRead more ⟶

dry swimming exercises

Since I had to deal with the so-called “swimmer’s shoulder” a few years ago (also called “impingement syndrome” in medical terms), I have made sure that the mobilization and stretching of the shoulders gets the appropriate space when practicing swimming. Some time ago we found a nice video with some dry swimming exercises to mobilizeRead more ⟶