Cold weather warm clothes

After swimming you need warm clothes

It’s currently winter, so it’s cold weather, and if you like to go swimming in winter like we do, you need warm clothes. Because after training in the swimming pool, you leave the indoor pool and go outside sweaty. It’s even more important for the ice swimmers among us. Not only that you cool off with ice swimming. It is even more important that on land all your clothes are ready in the right order and that you as an ice swimmer can put on enough layers.

Temperature regulation is important!

A zipper with a hood is perfect. Thanks to the jacket-like cut, you can get into the zipper much faster than with a hoodie . And you can (and should) pull the hood over your hat to protect your head and ears from the cold and wind! We have included the Organic Zipper in our range especially for water sports enthusiasts. For you who, when the weather is cold, still like to swim because you have the warm clothes for afterwards. From us because we want you to be safe on your way home after training!

Sustainable clothing…

Like all tops in our collection, our zipper is from Stanley/Stella and is therefore very sustainable. We have looked at all the certifications for you that the entire textile industry is currently proud to boast of, and we are very convinced of Stanley/Stella . Please take a close look at our information. You can find the information on our ” Certificates ” page!

…is also cuddly

The zipper is super comfortable to wear! So you don’t necessarily have to “always” go swimming to wear the zipper! You can also snuggle up on the sofa at home with the zipper and a nice cup of tea and watch the cold weather outside as it is cold. And read a good book. Or browse our website for more interesting information! Or buy our hoodie . Or just lay there and be. Everything works…;-)

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