Flip Stuff Apparel

FlipStuff Apparel – versatile and super comfortable

We have put together the FlipStuff Apparel collection for you! With this you are dressed comfortably and warmly after your adventure in the water. But also to show the world what you do. Show the world you’re a swimmer, diver or surfer with the “I’M OK!” print.


The t-shirts and hoodies are from Stanley/Stella , a brand that stands for sustainability. Because that is also important to us – live sustainably, be sustainable. Take a look at the certifications! The raw materials for the products are cultivated sustainably, in production care is taken to pay fair wages and create fair working conditions. We have put together some information for you on the Certificates page.

Many sizes, many colors

You can get the hoodies and t-shirts from us in many sizes and colors. So you can find the right part that suits you. Hoodies in particular are suitable for every occasion today, whether leisure or office. So express your hobby, your passion!

The material and the pressure

The material is organic cotton and is characterized by its super comfortable and soft material. Likewise, only organic colors are used for printing. So don’t be surprised when you get your first delivery: due to the sustainable printing process, the products have a slight vinegar smell in the first few days, which then quickly dissipates and is no longer noticeable after about 5 days.

The collection

This is our first collection that we are launching alongside our FlipSoc 2022. And we are already looking forward to your feedback. We already have another collection in the pipeline, but it will have to wait because other products are being developed.

Curiosity you are?

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