easier into your NEOPRENE SUIT

Cover FlipSoc

If you want to take your wetsuit into the water for surfing, swimming or diving, then you need the FlipSoc ! With it you can get into your wetsuit faster and easier! When putting on with the FlipSoc you can adjust the fit of your neo so that it fits perfectly!

you are a surfer

You love riding the waves, having a beer on the beach with your buddies, spending the whole day as a surfer on and in the water – the FlipSoc* is the dressing aid for your wetsuit and therefore your solution, since you now have your you can quickly put on a half or fully removed wetsuit again and again. So if you feel too warm, if you have a need, if you want to do something “quickly” – the FlipSoc* makes you more agile, in every situation. Arrange your surfing events exactly as you imagine them – relaxed, free and exciting…

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Photo by Hayden Hunt on Unsplash

you are a swimmer

Do you love swimming in the great outdoors and/or are you a triathlete? The FlipSoc helps you to get into your wetsuit faster and easier, especially when it’s still quite cold in the morning or in autumn – as soon as you’re out of your warm clothes, you’re already in your wetsuit and ready to swim. On long swimming hikes or in extensive training sessions, you can always get half or all out of the wetsuit for a break or your needs – to then get back into the wet wetsuit completely relaxed and swim on and on and on…

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you are a diver

It doesn’t matter whether you are a scuba diver in a wetsuit or a freediver – many open-cell wetsuits make life difficult for you because you can hardly get into your wetsuit. The thicker the neo, the heavier. The FlipSoc* makes it much easier for you to slide into your diving neo and prepare for the dive in a relaxed manner. This allows freedivers in particular to prepare for their diving adventure in a relaxed manner and concentrate entirely on relaxation…

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With the FlipSoc you can get into your wetsuit much faster and more elegantly – very practical for competitions or outdoor use in fresh weather. Check out our explainer video!



The FlipSoc consists of robust tent fabric, developed for outdoor use. However, you can also get into your Neo very elegantly in the swimming pool – keyword endurance training.



The FlipSoc weighs only a few grams and can be stowed almost anywhere as you can fold it down to a few centimetres.


What does the * asterisk that we attached to the FlipSoc actually mean? We developed the FlipSoc as a donning aid for wetsuits. However, we had to realize right from the start that the donning aid only works with open-cell or open-pored and various lined wetsuits. Wetsuits made of smooth skin neoprene have a completely different surface structure, therefore the FlipSoc does not work on these wetsuits according to our current knowledge. If you have other experiences than ours described here, please and very gladly send a mail about it to:! Every feedback helps us to improve our products or to create new product ideas!

Kind regards, Your FlipThings team Tine & Gunnar