Freediving in winter

Apnea dive at the Echinger Weiher

Tom and I have wanted to try freediving in winter for a long time. On top of that, we both had (finally) got ourselves monofins from Leaderfins in the past few months! Because that’s what we’ve both dreamed of for a long time – to go diving with monofins. So that we can get by at the lake to some extent, we had both completed some training in the swimming pool in the past few weeks so that we could then do apnea diving both on land and in the water in winter at water temperatures of around 6°C. It was clear to both of us that the diving trip would not be classic and deeply relaxed due to the temperatures.

The way into the water

We both like to swim, summer and winter, so getting into the water wasn’t as bad as you might think. But I want and want to point out something! Tom has a closed cell neoprene freediving suit, I go diving in an open cell neoprene wetsuit.

This small but fine difference means that Tom “works his way” into his wetsuit in the water, while on land I was in my wetsuit in no time thanks to our FlipSoc . And in a fraction of the time it took Tom. So I was able to film a short impression of our trip, since I had already changed my clothes and thanks to the 5 mm neoprene I was also quite warm.

Our little video

…that I then shot yesterday, I don’t want to withhold from you, maybe one or the other of you will like it. Because: we bought a new gimbal, that was the first recording with the same thing. The versatile possibilities of video editing are interesting, we still have a lot of work and trying out ahead of us…;-)


And how was freediving in winter?

Awesome, very very awesome! Diving with a monofin is simply the most beautiful way to dive, and then the cold water around you. You feel and are so incredibly aware of yourself that you can’t learn that in any seminar. Admittedly, after a little more than half an hour it was really quite cold, especially on our feet, despite the neoprene socks. But it was worth it, and we will certainly be found more often in the winter in the lakes of Bavaria and Austria in the near and distant future!

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