What topics or products do you need help with? We have already listed a few topics here:

How are your products shipped?

We ship via Deutsche Post or DHL.

Will the shipping costs also be reimbursed with my complaint?

Since we ship free of charge – yes. 🙂

Do I have a right of return?

Sure! Because we are convinced of our FlipSoc and its functionality, but also because we know as active water sports enthusiasts that you don’t go surfing, diving or swimming “immediately” after ordering and trying out the FlipSoc, we have granted a return policy of 3 months.

Also, we know that some wetsuits have lamination that the FlipSoc does not work with. So if you order the FlipSoc “in time” before your vacation, but then unfortunately find out at the Atlantic Ocean that your Neo and the FlipSoc do not match – send the FlipSoc back to us in a plain envelope!

Do I have to pay the postage myself?

No, we will send you the postage! However, we have two requests:

You notice quite quickly that the FlipSoc does not slide. Then please do not try it further, but send it back to us right away (or after the vacation) – we can then put it back on sale, saving resources.

Please let us know the brand and the model of your wetsuit – over time we can build a database of which wetsuits the current FlipSoc is suitable for. (And then also work on new developments…)

What do I do if the FlipSoc breaks down at some point?

The FlipSoc – like all textiles – also has a limited life (usually of several years). So if your FlipSoc ever breaks, please send it back to us! We put the FlipSoc into recycling so that it becomes a new raw material again.