New packaging for your FlipSoc dressing aid

We have new packaging for your FlipSoc dressing aid – and are now preparing to ship it…

new packaging FlipSoc dressing aid

We are currently in our warehouse and are repackaging your FlipSoc dressing aid or repackaging it. We developed the new outer boxes together with you – at this point a heartfelt “thank you” to everyone who took part.

In addition to the new color scheme, the box now also shows the color in which the FlipSoc will be delivered. We currently offer the FlipSoc in 4 different colors. This allows you to choose the FlipSoc in the right color for your equipment or according to your taste.

You don’t have a dressing aid yet? Then have a look in our shop to see whether the FlipSoc in the color you want is currently in stock! Order your dressing aid – so that you can get into your wetsuit more easily and quickly…

By the way, not only is it easier to get into your neo with our dressing aid – you can also correct the fit of your neo better when putting it on. This gives you more arm freedom when swimming or surfing , for example. And remember: we have prepared equipment tables for you. There you will find a list of everything you should take with you on your next trip. For example for diving. Or to go swimming. With the FlipSheets you always have everything with you. And they are free. Download it right now and here!

By the way, you will find cool clothing to match with us! And also in black! For example this zipper here: Organic Unisex Zipper -> Watch out for that item!!