Valentine’s Day gift for outdoor swimmers / divers / surfers

The countdown is on, 7 days left until Valentine’s Day!

And are you still looking for a special Valentine’s Day gift for outdoor swimmers / divers / surfers? Because your heart person not only loves you but also sports in the water. We at FlipThings have a tip for you. Our FlipSoc , an innovative donning aid for wetsuits.

With the FlipSoc you give more time and more fun in the water.

The FlipSoc is a brand new wetsuit donning aid. It lets the athlete slide into the wetsuit quickly and easily . And that in turn protects the nerves, the neo and nature .

The nerves and the neo, because hectic pulling and tugging are no longer necessary. Neither to get into the suit nor to correct the fit of the suit. The arms and legs simply slide into the neo and the suit fits better from the start. The otherwise annoying and tiring adjustments to arms and legs until the suit fits perfectly may not be necessary at all. If you do, the dressing aid makes it much easier.

The Flipsoc also replaces the use of shower gel and similar products that people are otherwise happy to use. In this way, the FlipSoc also contributes to the preservation of the waters that we love so much – not only because of our water sports.

This makes our FlipSoc a special Valentine’s Day gift for outdoor swimmers / divers / surfers.

Perhaps because they are already dying to jump into the water as soon as spring arrives, or because the fun of water sports never stops, even in winter.

We look forward to your visit to our shop . And yes, if you order it quickly, the FlipSoc will arrive in time for Valentine’s Day. 😉

Happy Valentine’s Day! Have New Water Fun

We wish you a Valentine’s Day full of love and lots of fun whenever you next go into the water! Your FlipThings team

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