Video shoot for our FlipSoc explainer video

This week the time had come: the video shoot for our FlipSoc explanatory video took place.

Weather and location perfect

It was a beautiful and sunny February day and we chose the nearby Kronthaler Weiher as the location. So quickly packed the FlipSoc , the wetsuit and the video equipment and off we went.

That was our goal

The aim of the shoot was to produce a video that shows you how quickly and easily you can get into your wetsuit with the FlipSoc. Because we know pictures (or in this case a video) say so much more than words.

To be honest: We were pretty excited, because after all it was our first video shoot and we had and still have a lot of respect for the video editing!

That’s what came out – of course New.Water.Fun

Well, the focus of all our activities is on having fun on and in the water. So it came as it had to come. After the video shoot, the entire film team – i.e. model and cameraman 😉 – took the opportunity to take a refreshing dip in the pond. It might be worth mentioning: the water temperature is currently 4 (!!) degrees.

So refreshed and motivated, we immediately started editing the video material. And how could it be otherwise. The first thing we did when we tried it out was a small fun video, which of course we don’t want to withhold from you.

Take a look at the first exclusive footage here as a kind of sneak preview.

New.Water.Fun – Fun shooting our FlipSoc explainer video – © FlipThings Gunnar Sieg

In the meantime, we are working at full speed to be able to present you with the “serious” result from the video shoot for our FlipSoc explanatory video as soon as possible.

Stay tuned!

Because soon you will be able to see in detail how the Flip-Soc helps you to put on your Neo quickly and easily (not important, especially when the outside temperature is around 12 degrees, right? ;-)). And how to get your suit to fit perfectly.

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